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Efstathios Paparoditis
Department of
Mathematics and Statistics

Efstathios Paparoditis is a Professor at the Department of Mathematics and Statistics of the University of Cyprus. Postgraduate and undergraduate studies at the Free University of Berlin (M.A. 1985, PhD, 1990). He held teaching positions at Technishe Universitaet Berlin, Germany (Wissenschaftlicher Assistent, 1990-1993) and at the University of Cyprus (Assistant Professor, 1993-1997, Associate Professor, 1997-2004, Professor 2004-today). His research interests are: Time Series and Spectral Analysis, Resampling and Bootstrap Methods for Dependent Data, Nonparametric Function Estimation, Goodness-of-Fit Testing, Functional Data Analysis. He is a former associate editor of the Journal of Nonparametric Statistics and is currently an associate editor of Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, Journal of Time Series Econometrics, and Metrika.