>>>Spiros Martzoukos

Spiros Martzoukos
Associate Professor
Department of
Accounting and Finance

Professor. Spiros Martzoukos holds a Ph.D. in Business Administration (Finance/Quantitative Methods, 1995) from the George Washington University, U.S.A., an M.B.A. (Finance, 1989) from U. of Rhode Island, U.S.A., and a B.Sc./M.Sc. (1982) from the National Technical University, Greece. Since 1999 he is a faculty member at the Unviversity of Cyprus and from 1995-1998 in the George Washington University. He has also been an academic visitor to Cambridge and ETH Zurich and has also acted as a consultant for the World Bank and the international banking sector. He has participated in the organization of many international conferences and has refereed for many journals, including Management Science, J. of Economic Dynamics and Control, J. of Banking and Finance, Financial Management, European J. of Operational Research, etc. He has also been coordinator of several research projects funded from the U. of Cyprus and the Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation and has been academic (thesis) advisor for three PhD students and many master students. His research has been referenced in many academic journals, technical reports and PhD dissertations and has been invited for presentation in many Universities including U. of Cambridge, ETH-Zurich, U. of Manchester, the Newton Institute at the U. of Cambridge, and Institutions like the Office of Naval Research, USA, the World Bank, FHLMC, USA.  His main research area is in Real Options (Valuation of Investment Options and Optimal Decision-Making) with specific interests in Conditions of Incomplete Information (Noisy Assets), Learning-like Exploration, R&D, Experimentation, and/or Control Resulting from Strategic Managerial Actions; Game Theoretic Approaches to R&D and Strategic Expansion Decisions; The Impact of Hysteresis (Path-Dependency) Inducing Switching Costs; Debt/Equity Valuation, Capital Structure, Bancruptsy Prediction, and Interaction with Managerial Control Actions and (Endogenous/Exogenous) Debt Constraints with Differential Information. He is also interested in Financial Option Pricing (Computational Finance, Financial Engineering, and Empirical Derivatives Research) with specific interests in Complex Option Contracts with Exchange Rate Risks; Multivariate Contingent Claims (Real and Financial Options) on Foreign Assets with Jump-diffusion Processes; Empirical Option Pricing Combining Parametric and Non Parametric Methods, Optimization and Implied Parameters; Smile-Consistent Implied Trees and Implied Trees for Non-Markovian Processes; and Interest Rate Contingent Claims (Riskless and Credit-Risky Option Embedded Bonds) with Imperfect Markets (Transaction Costs of Refinancing).