Seminar – Stefanos Kechagias

This term’s Data Science seminar series will continue on Wednesday 20/10, from 15:00 to 16:00, on Zoom.

The speaker will be Dr Stefanos Kechagias, SAS Education and Academic Programs Manager for Southeastern Europe and the topic of his talk will be

Scratch out “learn TensorFlow” from your New Year bucket list.

In goes “learn how to tell valuable stories”

Abstract: In this talk we will discuss two Story Telling Mediums statisti- cians employ to share their expert knowledge: scientific writing and technical presentations. First, we will lay out proper foundations of scientific writing by placing the reader at the center of a scientist’s thought process. Under this reader-centric prism we will review ex- amples of writing rules and discuss why we must know them, how we should use them and when we can disregard them. We will then switch gears to technical presentations for audiences of mixed academic or industry backgrounds and for listeners and viewers of various technical competencies, focusing on preparation and only briefly elaborating on delivery.